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Quantity price
Update : 2017-07-22 09:58:47
euro hurteuroEUR4.22004.2680
dollar USD quantitydollar USDUSD3.62003.6850
czech koruna quantityczech korunaCZK0.16000.1640
british pound quantitybritish poundGBP4.71004.7800
swiss franc quantityswiss francCHF3.82003.8800
canadian dollar quantitycanadian dollarCAD2.92003.0700
hungarian forint quantityhungarian forintHUF0.01370.0147
australian dollar quantityaustralian dollarAUD2.99003.1500
danish krone quantitydanish kroneDKK0.55000.5900
swedish krona quantityswedish kronaSEK0.42500.4650
norwegian krona quantitynorwegian kronaNOK0.46000.4950
croatian kuna quantitycroatian kunaHRK0.55000.6300
japanese yen quantityjapanese yenJPY0.03500.0440
ukrainian hryvnia quantityukrainian hryvniaUAH0.13000.1900
romanian leu quantityromanian leuRON0.90001.0500
bulgarian lev quantitybulgarian levBGN2.17002.2800
russian ruble quantityrussian rubleRUB0.05000.0800
egyptian pound quantityegyptian poundEGP0.10000.4000
turkish lira quantityturkish liraTRY1.00001.3500
Retail price
euro retail priceeuroEUR4.12004.2700
dollar USD retail pricedollar USDUSD3.57003.7800
czech koruna retail priceczech korunaCZK0.15600.1660
british pound retail pricebritish poundGBP4.62004.8000
swiss franc retail priceswiss francCHF3.75003.9000
canadian dollar retail pricecanadian dollarCAD2.81002.9600
hungarian forint retail pricehungarian forintHUF0.01340.0147
australian dollar retail priceaustralian dollarAUD2.95002.9500
danish krone retail pricedanish kroneDKK0.54500.5800
swedish krona retail priceswedish kronaSEK0.41500.4500
norwegian krona retail pricenorwegian kronaNOK0.42000.4700
croatian kuna retail pricecroatian kunaHRK0.55000.6500
japanese yen retail pricejapanese yenJPY0.03500.0440
ukrainian hryvnia retail priceukrainian hryvniaUAH0.13000.1900
romanian leu retail priceromanian leuRON0.90001.0500
bulgarian lev retail pricebulgarian levBGN2.17002.2800
russian ruble retail pricerussian rubleRUB0.05000.0800
egyptian pound retail priceegyptian poundEGP0.10000.4000
turkish lira retail priceturkish liraTRY1.00001.3500
mexican peso retail pricemexican pesoMXN0.16000.2400
pound scots retail pricepound scotsSCP4.20004.8000
chinese yuan retail pricechinese yuanCNY0.50000.5800
israeli shekel retail priceisraeli shekelILS0.98001.1800
dominican pesodominican pesoDOP0.05000.0950
alalbanian lekalbanian lekALL0.03000.0360
hong kong dollarhong kong dollarHKD0.40000.6000
indian rupeeindian rupeeINR0.04000.0700
brazilian realbrazilian realBRL1.02001.2800
mark Bosnia and Herzegovinamark Bosnia and HerzegovinaBAM2.00002.3500
saudi riyalsaudi riyalSAR0.89001.1000
jordanian dinarjordanian dinarJOD4.30005.5000
new zealand dollarnew zealand dollarNZD2.30003.1000
south korean wonsouth korean wonKRW0.00250.0040
malaysian ringgitmalaysian ringgitMYR0.72000.9600
south african randsouth african randZAR0.21000.3400
kenyan shillingkenyan shillingKES0.02500.0405
thai bahtthai bahtTHB0.07500.1300
uae dirhamuae dirhamAED0.80001.1350
singapore dollarsingapore dollarSGD2.48002.9000
macedonian denarmacedonian denarMKD0.05500.0800
kazakh tengekazakh tengeKZT0.09000.0135
serbian dinarserbian dinarRSD0.02600.0385
icelandic kronaicelandic kronaISK0.02700.0390
euro coineuro coinEUR3.00004.2300
dollar - 1,2,5,10dollar - 1,2,5,10USD3.57004.0000
czech koruna coinczech koruna coinCZK0.10000.1640
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Exchange office Racibórz

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Welcome to the website of our exchange office, we offer attractive rates for more than twenty currencies of the world, at our facility, each client is able to negotiate prices, you will also receive a loyalty card which always guarantees a better price. Exchange rate also depends on the size of the amount that you want to replace the bigger the better price you can get.. Our premises are fully equipped, on request, you can use the cab isolated from the environment that provides comfort and security for the exchange of more cash. Many years of activity, kind and professional staff will provide prompt and professional service.
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We service Western-Union that allows you to instantly transfer cash to each branch office also performing this service (currently one hundred and ninety countries), which is not required to have a bank account.

Exchange office online

We offer a convenient method of currency exchange without the need to go from home or office and personally visit the premises. Currently, new tools for the transaction quickly and safely. Also, our company launched earlier this year, the portal where each client having a bank account in our country can exchange currency at a very attractive rate, for more information about online currency and other important information, please visit: Exchange office online

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